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hg__rating's Journal

Hot Gimmick Rating Community
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Welcome to hg__rating! The rating community for the shojo manga Hot Gimmick!

1. Be nice to everyone! No flaming/insulting anyone.
2. You must join this community to fill out an application and get stamped. Pretty obvious, wouldn't you think? And try to fill out the application as much as you can, giving details. It'll make voting easier.
3. Even if your waiting to get stamped, please vote for others in the meanwhile!
4. All applications and aictures MUST be behind an LJ-Cut.
5. To make sure you have read these rules, put some variation of 'Neighbors in Love' in the subject line.
6. If you don't like who you've been stamped as, you are allowed a re-stamp. **Also put 'restamp' in the subject line if you re-apply.
7. Have Fun, and enjoy yourself!
8. Incase this isn't clear, PLEASE USE LJ-CUTS! They are your friends. Use them. Love them. Abuse them. <333

Voting Rules
1. Again, be nice to everyone. Don't flame, don't insult.
2. Try to give an explination when you vote for someone. It'll make the person happy to know why you voted as you did, don't 'cha think?
3. BOLD your votes please! (to bold your votes, do this <*b>place text here minus the stars. ^__^) Seriously. Bold them. kthnx.
4. After about 10 votes you'll be stamped. Since we aren't as active as some communities, it could take any number of days. Sorry for any inconvience.


A list of stamped members can be found here.

Current stamps:
Akane, Hatsumi, Shinogu
Asahi, Subaru

tmm_rating (Tokyo Mew Mew)
kaikanrating (Kaikan Phrase)
seed_mirror (Gundam Seed / Gundam SEED DESTINY)
naruto_rating (Naruto)
soa_rating (Skies of Arcadia)
flcl_rating (FLCL)

If you would like to affiliate with us, just leave a comment on any of the mod posts. :)